Our Mission

To promote recycling to Chicago residents through direct education,
community involvement, and customized recycling services.

About Us

Do The Right Thing! Recycling (DTRT) is an Illinois not-for-profit, 501(c)3 recycling awareness organization. We began fighting the up-hill battle to educate Chicago’s residents about the positive environmental impact of recycling in 2002. We attempt to improve upon the residents’ awareness of recycling, and ultimately the city’s recycling recovery rates (as it lags behind its suburban counterparts and other cities in the country), by providing customized recycling services to various sectors of our local community. These sectors include schools, retail businesses, residential units, and other groups that significantly contribute to our waste stream.

We recognize that in order to get buy-in from Chicago residents we need to do more than merely educate; we must lead the way! It is our opinion that the only way to do that is to recycle ourselves, and show residents the rewards and the environmental preservation we, ourselves strive toward. By offering recycling services to the aforementioned sectors, we will have an opportunity to talk to individuals as we work or to at least communicate our work results to the people. These networking opportunities will allow us to promote recycling, promote reuse, and promote the reduction of the use of natural resources. Providing a recycling service is not only leading by example and providing a valuable service but is also the foundation of our outreach effort.


Tree Recycling Program

Customized Recycling Consultation