Do The Right Thing! Recycling is offering holiday tree pickup services for the north side of Chicago.

Dear DTRT customers,

We stopped taking orders on January 31, 2021

In a tight time frame, we picked up and had mulched over 1,000 trees this season! Thanks for your continued support of our service.

We pick up your tree directly from your living room floor. We come equipped with reusable tarps and cords, and all we ask is that you remove all decorations from the trees including lights and tinsel. We will also pick up wreaths but the wires must be removed. We discourage people from using plastic tree bags which are not reusable and contribute to the holiday packaging waste. We will also pick up trees outside your home.

For the last eight years we have picked up hundreds of stray trees in alleys as we have made our scheduled pickups. If you cannot schedule with us for any reason, you can help fund our efforts to pick up as many unscheduled trees as possible. We call this virtual tree recycling and this effort keeps trees from landfills and keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum as these are picked up on our normal pickup routes.

We were recently featured on Chicago’s ABC7:

Do The Right Thing! Recycling is a 501c3 non-profit organization.