DTRT provides customized recycling services for small businesses and residences on the north side of Chicago.

We provide:

  1. A thorough evaluation of the client’s current waste stream
  2. Direct education to the client and make recommendations for waste reduction practices
  3. Provide organizational strategies to manage recycling waste
  4. Suggest appropriate recycling bins or provide recycling bins for the client
  5. Provide convenient routine pick-ups of one to two recyclable streams

Our fees include:

  1. Consultation/evaluation fee
  2. Recycling bins (optional)
  3. Recyclable waste pick up fee

DTRT takes a lead by example approach by working directly with the client. It is our aim to make the clients more aware of their contributions to Chicago’s waste stream through education and client participation. The advantage to (opposite single stream) recycling is that the client becomes more aware of their daily waste, becomes more aware of reusable and recyclable waste, with the end result being that the client becomes accountable for their own recycling habits. With the help of DTRT, we in vision clients developing better environmentally sound habits and recycling to be a habit second nature to the client.