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We try to pick up from certain neighborhood on scheduled days of the week in order to be most efficient. If you require a pickup on a different day for your neighborhood please contact us directly. We prefer online payment through credit/debit or PayPal, but we also accept check and cash payments when appropriate.

Thank you for choosing to recycle your tree with DTRT Recycling.

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DTRT uses non-disposable wrap to wrap up your tree from the stand in your home. We have reliable and knowledgeable staff who are considerate of your time and thoughtful about a no waste and no mess tree pickup. And of course, we ensure each tree is taken to the closest mulching drop off to ensure the most efficient and environmental process as possible. DTRT will pickup your tree for mulching before the following day is over (e.g if tree is outside Saturday, we will have it picked up by midnight Sunday). Please make sure it does not conflict with waste hauling pickup.

Near mailbox, behind garage, etc.

The neighborhood list is based on previous year’s demand and DTRT’s available pickup supply. If your specific neighborhood is not listed, please select the closest neighborhood from the drop down menu. If you live in a neighborhood that is not close to any of the drop down menu neighborhoods, please contact us directly at

The earliest pickup date available is two days ahead from today. Please note that for certain neighborhoods, in-home pickups are currently scheduled only on specific days. This is in order to provide the most efficient service.
(You must pick a Pickup Type and Neighborhood first to see available dates.)

The time you are sure the tree will begin to be available outside for pickup. We will pick up the tree within 24-36 hours, usually by midnight the following day.

Choose from currently available time slots. Each time is the start of a 2-hour pick up window. Average total time for an in-home tree pickup is 30 minutes, depending on the tree size, access to building, and other variables

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Do The Right Thing! Recycling is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and relies on donations from the public. Thank you for your support.

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